Held in a location to suit you and your dog.

  At a mutually agreed time / day  and last for approx 1 1/2 hours.   

These sessions provide for individual assessment, guidance and instruction.

They are best suited to those who have some specific problem they wish addressed or to those handlers whose circumstances make attending a class impractical

 They start with an overview of your dog and its exhibited behaviour,  along with gaining an accurate insight into how you perceive the problem and understanding what result is for you would be a satisfactory conclusion.

A complete solution in one session is {frankly} unlikely, but a coping strategy will be devised, along with the longer term corrective actions needed to restore you and your pet to a happy balanced state.

The  Cost  of a session is £120 

and follow sessions are possible at £30 for  a 1/2 hour.

To initially  arrange a one-2-one please contact us. 

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