Follow On (Getting There)

Held in Calderbridge Village Hall                       on          Tuesday’s              at                  8.15 pm

  post code is         CA20 1DN

  and in  Summer  at our field                           on          Saturday’s             at                10.00 am 

  post code is         CA14 4TB 

These classes are currently suspended


Building on the basics it may include such things as developing

Closer heelwork,

Out of sight / ‘immovable’ stays

Retrieve to hand,                                             

Skate boarding                                                           

Tricks and manoeuvres    just for fun!                                                       

Advanced / moving Recalls

This list can, would and often is modified to suit the individual dogs and handlers

if an owner has future plans e.g.   showing at breed / gun dog field work

       or desires to work on a specific exercise  / issue we will  incorporate it as far as possible.

 Cost of each session is £10 

but please note the classes are booked and payable on a Monthly basis.

Essentials you will need to bring along:  

   One   dog  or  puppy

   A lot of tasty treats        (small pieces of sausage / hard cheese  are ideal)

   Any specific article / equipment  e.g. for retrieve or ???

Ready to Book?

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